What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy was developed in France by Dr. Michel Pistor as a non-surgical treatment for eliminating fat. The word refers to the technique by which drugs or other nutrients are delivered to a targeted area, rather than to any particular drug or nutrient being delivered. This technique results in numerous benefits including weight-loss and cellulite-smoothing.

How Does Mesotherapy Work?

With Mesotherapy, a series of injections are made in problem areas, which alter their structure through the use of medications, enzymes, and amino acids. This process causes fat cells to break down and enter the bloodstream, where your body’s natural waste system then flushes them from your system.

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The health and safety of our patients and staff is of the utmost importance. Blades Wellness and Aesthetics is now open for Mesotherapy treatments by appointment only. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.

Mesotherapy FAQ

Topical anesthesia is administered to eliminate the slight discomfort associated with the injections, which are performed over the course of several weeks. A series of three short, 10-minute sessions produce fat loss and visible improvement.

Patients may prefer this to other fat removal treatments because fat cells typically do not reappear in other areas and hospitalization and general anesthesia is not required.

There is minimal risk involved, which is usually limited to minor swelling and/or bruising around the injection sites for a few days. Mesotherapy offers the advantages of traditional liposuction, such as the elimination of leg and arm fat, love handles, bulging stomachs and bra fat, but does not require general anesthesia, surgery, unsightly bandages, medications or downtime. In most cases you can go back to your normal daily routine within hours of the procedure.

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