NAD+ IV Therapy & Infusions

What is NAD+?

NAD and NAD+ are naturally occurring substances in the body. NAD+ plays a major role in the process of creating energy inside our cells. Mitochondria are the organelles inside each of our cells where micronutrients are converted into ATP molecules for energy. NAD+ is one of the most important co-factors for improved mitochondrial function. NAD helps the liver break down fats that are also essential for providing energy for the body. Boosting NAD+ levels may aid in managing a wide spectrum of diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.

NAD+ is critical for health but declines with age and illness. This decline can be associated with loss of function and vitality and many age-related diseases. Maintaining high NAD+ levels provides fuel your cells need to repair damage and fight the aging process. Many factors besides aging affect your NAD+ levels including autoimmune or neurodegenerative disease processes, toxin exposure, excessive stress, alcohol, sun exposure, jet lag, insufficient sleep, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. Eliminating as many of these factors as possible combined with supplementation have a great impact on your NAD+ levels and overall health.

Studies show that NAD+ supplementation can:

• Improve concentration and mental clarity
• Improve memory
• Reduce inflammation/pain
• Improve deep sleep
• Improve symptoms of anxiety or depression
• Reduce migraines/headaches
• Improve neurodegenerative disorder symptoms
• Improve DNA repair

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Blades Wellness and Aesthetics is now offering NAD+ infusions to boost NAD+ levels. Using intravenous (IV) NAD+ is the fastest way to boost your levels. The infusions take 2-4 hours depending on the dosage given. NAD+ packages are also available. Please call the office for further information. 


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