I cannot say enough good things about Blades Wellness and Misha Dorsey! From the moment I sat down with Misha on my first visit, I knew I was in the right place.  I have never felt more heard at a doctor's appointment in my life.  She was thorough, thoughtful, empathetic, and everything in between.  I have been a patient of hers for almost a year now and I feel like a new person. Misha is simply the best!

- A.F. , TX

"Working with Blades Wellness and Aesthetics has been fantastic! I have more to go but am very happy with my progress, so far. Charlotte Lachner, NP is great to work with. I would recommend this place to everyone! Down 50 lbs. Let’s work on the next 50! I have loved every minute of working with them!"

-J.T. Humble, TX

"LOVE Dr. Blades!! Feeling better and losing weight! Getting my energy back!"

-S.W.T. Cypress, TX

"I have dealt with fatigue post-cancer treatment. I decided to have Dr. Blades review my bloodwork and find out what was going on. Literally, within a few days of starting on the hormones and medicine, I felt 100% better. Thanks, Dr. Blades!!"


"Dr. Blades has been a lifesaver and has helped me work towards becoming my best self. I haven’t felt this good in years! She truly cares about your progress and works to get your levels where they should be all while making sure you understand the process."

-L.S.R. Cypress, TX

"Dr. Blades changed my life by addressing changes that needed to be made for me specifically through bloodwork. She spends so much time with her patients and is an extremely caring individual who I cannot praise enough. Her whole staff is professional and dedicated to helping people better their lives. I’m so thankful I found Carrie. At 51 years old I went out and got my real estate license while being a flight attendant. Now I have two careers and I am more productive than I was in my twenties. Thank you, Carrie, for changing my life. #blessednthankful"

-L.D.R. Cypress, TX

"I met Dr. blades by recommendation from a friend who told me Dr. Blades specialized in helping women age 40+ manage their weight. She had stories of her other friends who had dropped 30-40lbs quickly. I set my appointment at Blades Wellness & Aesthetics and waited 2 months to see Dr. Blades. From the first appointment (when I was 43lbs heavier than I’ve ever been) she promised me she would get me back to my old weight again. She ran all my blood work and showed me all the deficiencies in my hormones, it was quite an eye-opener. She prescribed hormone replacement medications and taught me how to manage my own insulin production with what and WHEN I ate along with a prescription to control my insulin production. In 4 months I have lost 41lbs and am only 2lbs away from my goal (the weight I was during my entire adult life pre 40 years old). I cannot thank Dr. Blades and her awesome team enough for making me happy with my weight again. Above that my energy levels are back to where they were in my 20’s. Blades Wellness & Aesthetics gets 5 stars from me."

-C.H. Katy, TX

"Had an appointment with my favorite doctor- Dr. Carrie Blades (thank you J. D. for the referral). I have yo-yo’d with my weight my entire life. I have worked out on a regular basis for the entire time. My friend C’s and my thyroid tests (levels) always came back perfect (she ended up with thyroid cancer I had half of mine taken out). We both never could understand why we worked out a million hours, ate well and couldn’t shed a pound.

Then my friend J. D. told me about a former Louisiana girl ER physician who now had a practice down the street from my house in Cypress. She has changed her specialty and now works with hormones, thyroids, etc (guys and gals).

I went to her and she has changed my life. I don’t have to go two times a day to Orange Theory and eat 1200 calories to not gain a pound, or lose pounds. She analyzed my bloodwork, adjusted my thyroid, and put me on the right medicine. I had the worst cholesterol for years (was on medicine) and since I have seen her, my cholesterol has never looked better (no more meds). Also, she deals with libido and let me just say all of us wives who never are in the mood are now in the mood! Worth every penny.

C. was hesitant to go, but eventually went and has seen the same results.

I’m down 32 pounds since Oct 2018 (I cringe seeing the photos). The difference is that this is the first time in years that I have kept my weight off and I’m actually working out less (went from 5-7 days a week to 2-3 days a week).. but will up it when we finish Alamo house. Love love love Lifetime and all of the amazing instructors..even when they don’t see you for a long time, they are sooo nice... I feel like my success is Dr. Blades and the amazing instructors at Lifetime!

***and she doesn’t take insurance (you can use insurance for the lab work/medicine). To me it’s still worth it!"

-C.W. Cypress, TX

"I felt at the end of my rope in life. I was volatile, depressed, moody, anxious, and an insomniac. Among many other physical and physiological symptoms, I just felt trapped and hopeless. I had no idea these were all symptoms of hormone imbalances. The path to wellness is a long and eager road. Its almost like you want to expect an immediate change. My improvement happened over months. I started treatment with Dr. Blades in 2016 and haven't felt this good since I was in college. For me, the course of treatment has made my mood better. I am not so easy with anger any more. My skin is less oily. I have more energy. My menstrual cycle has improved along with my libido. Weight loss is becoming easier and easier. Dr. Blades is easy to talk to and available to answer all your concerns."

-K.S. Houston, TX

"I've been a patient of Dr. Blades since May of 2016 and couldn't be happier with the results I've seen.  I started with her, weighing 227 and low twenties in body fat.  Since I've been with Dr. Blades I'm down to 205 pounds and in the low teens with my body fat. My energy level, overall mood and general health has greatly improved since I've been under her care.  Dr. Blades' expertise and guidance goes far beyond her medical skills, she truly cares for her patients and wants to know you.  Dr. Blades is in constant communication with her clients and what is most impressive is the incredibly fast turn around in responding to her clients requests and emails. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional medical solutions, Dr. Blades is your answer."

-J.B. The Woodlands, TX

"I have worked with Dr. Blades for several years and have always liked her as a physician and as a person. I had heard that she was building a new bioidentical hormone replacement therapy practice just as I was considering bioidenticals to help manage escalating menopause symptoms. Dr. Blades ordered a wide range of labs for me prior to our first appointment.  At my consultation appointment, she explained each of the lab results and where she wanted my levels to be after six weeks on a regimen of compounded medications made specifically for my needs. I went home with very clear written instructions on how to take the new meds she was ordering for me. Over the first six weeks, I felt better than I had in 18 months, but I could still feel that I was not at my best. I emailed her that I was having some symptoms, and she immediately adjusted my meds and called in a new prescription for me. At six weeks, Dr. Blades ordered my second set of labs, and I met with her again to go over the changes in my levels. At that appointment, Dr. Blades increased one of my hormones because my levels were still low, and I have felt amazing ever since. She checks in with me regularly and is an attentive and caring provider. She genuinely believes in the bioidentical therapy, and I am now a believer as well. It has had a huge impact on my quality of life. I would recommend Dr. Blades without reservation."

-J.A. Cypress, TX

“I was fortunate to have found Dr Blades at a health fair. I have been getting the Biote for years at another office and recently had them done with Dr. Blades. She is the most compassionate, understanding Dr I have ever been to! She took the time to listen to my symptoms and set up a plan for my health and wellness, writing out my plan on a piece of paper. “

"I've done the LightPod Neo laser and VI peel. Ive seen a difference to my skin. I feel more confident to go without makeup. I am very happy with my results! Love this place cant wait to go back. Im going to be 50 and my skin is looking younger and clearer. Dr Blades is amazing she takes time with you and talks to you and is willing to listen and answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend her."

“If you are close to 40 over 40 and want to feel like you're 20 again; this is the place to go! Dr. Blades is amazing with the combinations of ingredients to get your wellness reversed. She took her personal struggle and made it every woman's personal victory! I'm Sleeping well, eating better (still snack on bad from time to time) BUT less!! She is a must see! “

"Dr Blades is an amazing physician and person. She listens to me and my symptoms. When I wasn't feeling like I wanted, she worked and researched how to help me. She genuinely cares for you as a person. I am sleeping better than ever. I wake up refreshed and have the energy to work, be wife & mom. “

“Great Doctor and better person. Has really given me an education on how age affects your body, and how she can help. I just turned 50, and thanks to her advice and treatment, I feel great.“

“By far has helped me the most with symptoms I've had for over 4 years. Fatigue and lethargy have reduced significantly in a mater of months. Highly recommend her. “

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