Online Access to your Medical Records

Blades Wellness & Aesthetics offers a quick and convenient way to access your medical records online. Click the following link to log in:

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It is important to have the capability to access your medical records around the clock - not just during office hours. That's why Blades Wellness now offers Patient Portal, a FREE, secure online access portal to our system. Your Patient Portal makes it easy for you to:

  • Request, confirm and cancel appointments online
  • Review your appointment history, medical records, allergies, and medications
  • Email non-urgent medical questions and get a response within two business days
  • Request prescription refills online
  • Access, review and print test results online
  • Conveniently complete medical questionnaires prior to appointments

URGENT MEDICAL NEEDS: This service is not for urgent medical needs. If you need urgent medical attention, please dial 911.

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